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Class of 2018

Kaylen Buschhorn (Lake Travis)- McDaniel College, DIII

Sarah Delanunt (McNeil)- Rhodes College, DIII

Pendo Mugofwa (St. Michaels)- Rhodes College, DIII

Emily Youngblood (Vandegrift)- Tusculum College, DII

Class of 2017

Emma Becker (Lamar)- University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, DII

Emily Heim (Bowie)- University of Cumberlands, NAIA

Sophie Niles (McNeil)- Bard College DIII

Lizzy Patterson (Vandegrift)- Airforce Academy, WCLA

Katie Tiller (Cedar Ridge)- Sewanee University, DIII

Class of 2016

Maddie White (McNeil)- High Point, WCLA 

Emily Potter (Austin)- University of Texas, WCLA


Class of 2015

Miranda Crissman (Georgetown)- Colorado Mesa, DII

Callie Evarts (St. Stephen's)- College of William and Mary, DI

Kriston Guerra (Vandegrift)- Mount Olive, DII

Carolina Reis (Bowie)- Grand Valley State, DII

Zoe Solis (Westlake)- Stanford University, WCLA


Class of 2014

Reilly Frazier (Bowie) - Hendrix University, DIII

Shelby Hill (Westwood)- Hendrix University, DIII

Carolyn Smith (Bowie)- Huntingdon College, DIII

Kaitlyn Smith (Westwood)- Hendrix University, DIII


Class of 2013

Emma Albin (Austin)- Southwestern University, DIII

Audrey Allen (Westlake)- Mercer University, DI

Mikala Bonner (McNeil)-  West Virginia Welseyan, DII

Courtney Brown (Katy)- Liberty University, DI

Katy Brown (Katy)- Liberty University, DI

Ashley Dill (St. Andrew's)- Rhodes College, DIII

Gabby Duchense (Woodlands) - Alderson Broaddus, DII

Hadie Evarts (St. Stephen's)- University of Michigan, DI

Marci McClenon (LBJ/LASA)- Beloit College, DIII

Anna Richmond (Greenhill) - University of Puget Sound, DIII

Courtney Summers (McNeil)- Shorter University, DII

Gracie Wolfman (Georgetown) - Catawba College, DII


Class of 2012

Lindsey LeMay (Corvallis)- University of Oregon, DI

Eliza Morgan (Bowie)- Allegheny College, DIII

Megan McCullough (Woodlands) - Millsaps College, DIII

Alessandra Quaroni (St. Andrew's) - Occidental College, DIII

Emily Roussel (Georgetown)- Tiffin University, DII 

Allison Schmitt (Bowie)- Southwestern University, DIII

Allison Sheftall (Bowie)- Saint Leo University, DII

Theresa Woehnker (Westwood)- Millsaps College, DIII


Class of 2011

Sara Buckley (McNeil)- Wheeling Jesuit University, DII

Anna Howard (St. Andrew's)- Wesleyan University, DIII

Audrey Le (St. Agnes)- Wesleyan University, DIII

Rachel McCarthy (St. Andrew's)- Pfieffer University, DII

Katherine Stegmann (St. Andrew's)- Vassar College, DIII


Class of 2010

Rachel English (Westlake)- University of Texas, WCLA

Jennifer Merritt (Bowie)- Purdue University, WCLA

Erin Reifsynder (St. Andrew's)- Goucher College, DIII

Haleigh Williams (Memorial) - Millsaps College, DIII 


Class of 2009

Paige Juneau (Bowie)- Fort Lewis College, DII

Lauren Kissock (Bowie)- University of Texas, WCLA

Bridget Haby (LBJ/LASA)- University of Texas, WCLA

Kacie Stovall (Bowie)- University of Texas, WCLA

Lizzie Sheftall (Bowie)- Baylor University, WCLA


Class of 2008

Ashley Finke (Westlake)- University of Redlands, DIII