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Texas Play Hard Parent Guide





Mission and Goals for our Summer Programs

Texas Play Hard has designed programs to establish and strengthen stick skills and game concepts in a safe and fun environment.  We aim to create an environment that fosters young athletes to make sound decisions, and grow up to be both responsible and caring. This environment is created through a blend of factors; support, clear boundaries/expectations, commitment to learning, and self-empowerment.


Texas Play Hard focuses on instilling healthy habits of exercise and a balanced diet.

We encourage participants to meet new people in our accepting and inclusive atmosphere.  Confidence, cooperation, and flexibility will allow our campers to have the best experience possible, all while improving skills applicable on and off the lacrosse field.



Character Development

Texas Play Hard believes that character development is a part of who we are. This is an important challenge for all participants- camp staff, players, and parents- demonstrating and accepting positive values of respect, honest, and responsibility.





June Camp-morning

6/5-6/9  9 am-12 pm             

Town & Country Optimist Club                  

9100 Meadowhealth Drive

Austin, TX 78729                                                                          


June Camp-evening

6/5-6/8  6 pm-8:30 pm                      

Town & Country Optimist Club                  

9100 Meadowhealth Drive

Austin, TX 78729                                                                          



July Camp-morning only

7/17-7/21  9 am-12 pm                     

Town & Country Optimist Club                  

9100 Meadowhealth Drive

Austin, TX 78729                                                                          



Camp Staff

Our camp staff will vary year to year: a mix of NCAA coaches, Austin area coaches, and, collegiate level player coaches.


Camp Director: Johanna Owens       512-589-4416




Payment for all camps with be done through the Texas Play Hard page of the “LeagueApps” webservice. Payment is due by dates listed, late fees will be added for payments past due dates.

Bounced Checks-There will be an additional $25.00 fee for any checks that bounce flagyl cost.


Cancellation Policy

50% of your camp tuition is non-refundable for any reason.  If injuries or sickness prevent you from attending our camp we must be notified by May 1, 2017 in order for you to be eligible for a partial refund.

Balances and deposits are transferable to siblings or family members only.



Camp Information


Camp information will vary based upon camp. Expectations for participants are the same for all camps


Expectation for Behavior

·         Follow all instructions of camp staff and immediately consult camp staff if you are uncertain about any instruction given

·         Follow camp schedule and report on time to all activities

·         Participate in all scheduled camp activities (including meals if applicable). The camp director must grant permission for any camper to be excused from scheduled activities.

·         Attendance will be taken throughout the duration of camp

·         Keep camp staff informed of your whereabouts at all times

·         Bring all equipment and personal items required for camp

·         Notify camp staff of any problem. Camp staff is available to campers at any time

·         Follow instructions of police, fire, or emergency personal


Behaviors not permitted

·         Use of profanity or inappropriate language, both verbal and written

·         Leaving camp areas as designated by camp staff. Campers are not permitted to freely walk outside of designated camp areas

·         Spectators are allowed to watch camp sessions in designated areas

·         Using a motor vehicle during camp. Campers who drive cannot leave camp during camp hours. Please inform camp staff of any extenuating circumstance, and a decision will be discussed

·         Possession and/or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances

·         Possession of lighters, matches, hot plates, kettles, fireworks, lethal weapons, or any other object that the camp staff considers dangerous

·         Possession and/or distribution of indecent literature or images

·         Tampering with fire alarms or any security/safety equipment

·         Inappropriate use of a cell phone during camp- phone may be confiscated for the duration of camp

·         Harassment, bullying, or intimidation of campers or camp staff.

·         Violation of state and federal laws.



Drop Off and Pick Up Information


Dropping your camper

·         Drop off is strictly between 8:45am-9am(mornings) & 5:45pm-6pm (evenings).  Texas Play Hard is are not responsible for your camper before listed times

·         If your camper has a reason that she needs to leave camp during the camp hours please tell the director ahead of time so we are aware of the situation  

·         Make sure your camper is prepared for the upcoming week.  Paying special attention to sunscreen (is it expired), bug spray, water bottles and if they have an extra t-shirt to wear under their jersey in case of sun burn  


Picking up your camper

·         Pick up is strictly 12pm(mornings) & 8:30pm(evenings).  Please be respectful of the counselors and pick up no later than 10 minutes past listed times.  Texas Play Hard is not responsible for your camper after listed times

·         Check in with camp staff and sign your camper out before you go 





Morning Campers


8:45am Drop off

9:00 am Morning warm-up 

9:15 am Stick work

9:30-11:45 Rotations: Instructional 

11:45-11:55 pm Stretching & Stick tricks 

12pm Pick up


Evening Campers


5:45-6pm Drop off

6:00-6:30pm Warm-up & Stick work 

6:30-7:30pm Small-sided Games

7:30-8:25 Scrimmages 

8:30 pm Pick-up 


What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Water  (½ gallon jug or larger)
  • Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouth-guard
  • Cleats
  • Snack